Each group is unique and we provide a range of packages to fit the needs and requirements of each client. The budget, the number of participants and a quick staff survey determine what activities and workshops are best suited for your team.



Activity options include:

  • Outdoor adventures

  • Games, races & scavenger hunts

  • Sports, yoga & fitness

  • Music, drama and dance

  • Group art projects

  • Community service projects

Workshop topics include:

  • Women empowerment, gender balancing and promoting equality of women and men

  • Effective consultation and listening methods and practice

  • Creating a culture of upliftment and deconstructing the king of the castle mentality

  • CORE training: Developing reliability, trust, respect and other essential values

  • Planning and implementing sustainable practices that support unity through diversity

Each activity and workshop is designed to inspire learning and transformation. Our team supports the whole person through utilizing a planning, action and reflection model. This consultative approach empowers each participant and gives everyone a voice.


Choose from the following packages

  • 2 Hour Empowerment Workshops: Motivational speaker & workshop

  • The Half Day Harmony Package: Includes 1 activity & 1 workshop

  • The Half Day Community Service Project: Includes 1 workshop & 1 project

  • The Full Day Peace Retreat: Includes lunch, 2 activities & 2 workshops

  • The Weekend Unity Retreat: Includes meals, 4 activities & 3 workshops

    *If you do not see a package that suites your group, send your requirements for a customized package!