Hailey Fudu

Hailey Fudu –
Owner of Simanyene United
Facilitator, Peace Building Specialists

Hailey Fudu completed her Master’s in the Public Management Sciences Cum Laude from Durban University of Technology with a thesis in youth empowerment and peace building. She also holds a BA in Community Development from the University of California at Santa Cruz and is a multiple-subject teacher credentialed from California State University of Long Beach. She has been working in the field of community building and peace education for nearly 20 years in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Johannesburg and now in Durban. She is passionate about bringing people together to explore how they can become protagonists of positive change and upliftment in a diverse and developing economy. Hailey believes that unity building is key to prosperity and that there is enough for us all if we learn to work together as a human family.

She is married to Malibongwe Fudu and has two beautiful children who are themselves proof of the oneness of humanity. She believes that anything is possible when we apply love and adopt a world-encompassing vision of peace in our daily actions.

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