Hannah Mangenda

Hannah Mangenda –
Specialist in Dramatic Art Facilitation

Hannah Mangenda (BA, BA (Hons), MA) enjoys wearing many hats – among others those of facilitator, academic, teacher, actress, marketer and manager of various events – and likes to draw out and foster an awareness of interconnectedness and a unity of vision wherever she is involved. She is therefore highly interested in the intersection of communication, training, and the arts and the ways in which they can reinforce each other.
Apart from her varied professional experience in basic and higher education as well as corporate settings, Ms Mangenda has also had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in effective communication in her marriage of more than twelve years and as a mother to three – very communicative – children.
Her special interest lies in how communication in various settings can be improved through interactive and creative methods that foster community building and enable participants to look at a situation from a fresh perspective. It is this holistic view of the envisioned outcomes that have drawn her to become a part of United Team Building Solutions.

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