United Team Building Solutions provides quality speakers, workshops, team building facilitation, retreats and other activities to businesses, organisations and private groups. To develop efficient, hard-working and highly motivated individuals requires opportunities to grow together.


We believe that unity and trust are core values essential for success in a diverse and developing economy and our aim is to help your team achieve this and thrive!


Our workshops include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Women empowerment, gender balancing and promoting equality of women and men

  • Effective consultation and listening methods and practice

  • Creating a culture of upliftment and deconstructing the king of the castle mentality

  • CORE training: Developing reliability, trust, respect and other essential values

  • Planning and implementing sustainable practices that support unity through diversity

We are committed to empowerment and uplifting every individual. We organise non-profit events and projects for social development as well as professional services for companies in the corporate sector. We believe in balancing profit and giving in order for all to access opportunities for growth and community building.